Headquartered in Singapore and with associate offices in India and London, we are a specialized maritime business consultancy with the capability of handling everything related to maritime transportation, from operations and risk management to commercial and strategic advice.

With a combined experience of around 50 years, the Wade Maritime Group has developed strong and cohesive business relationships with a broad client base of Ship Owners, Charterers, Traders, Oil, Gas & Dry Bulk majors, Chemical producers, Ports and Canals, Investors and Insurers across the globe. We have a comprehensive team of senior business consultants, maritime economists, market analysts, technical experts, lawyers and arbitrators with an average individual experience of over 30 years. Our extensive global network of consultants, experts and surveyors help us serve our clients spread across 50 countries.

The Wade Maritime group is set up in a way that our 3 subsidiary companies - Wade Maritime Singapore, Wade Maritime India and Richardson Lawrie Associates (UK) - are able to concentrate on specific markets and service verticals while exploiting the advantages of belonging to a group: knowledge sharing, worldwide networks, strong global presence, competitive advantage and shared commercial and technical expertise.

In addition, we also provide highly specialized standalone services such as
  • Pool Organisation & Revenue Distribution Systems
  • Enhanced Due Diligence for Marine and Ship Vetting
  • Early Neutral Evaluation and Dispute Resolution Advisory
  • We have the capability of resolving challenges in all areas related to maritime transportation be it strategy, organization, risk, optimization, operations, market intelligence, specialized training, due diligence, performance analysis and everything else you can think of.
    With a strong focus on customer service, we have thrived almost exclusively on word-of-mouth referrals since we opened our doors. We look forward to building a relationship with you and your company.

    Our Partners

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    Modernizing the voyage operations with TrimSail’s integrated technology suite The TrimSail Voyage Optimization Plan is a customization offering to each ship design and unique performance signature in different conditions. It entails the development of a Data Analytics Engine with Machine Learning features. Inputs to the Engine come from telemetry data of each ship’s voyage. Benchmarking comes from a library of Computation Fluid Dynamic simulation templates for different ship designs.
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