At Wade Maritime, we present a bouquet of services under the umbrella of Maritime Consultancy. What completes the pie and truly sets us apart are the following specialized standalone services that we offer our clients.
Our bespoke solutions are a unique offering and are unparalleled, even today. Whether you wish to understand more about our Pool Organization and Revenue Distribution Systems, discuss due diligence for your operations or would like us to evaluate an ongoing dispute or be an expert witness, do get in touch with us using the contact form below.

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Pool Organisation & Revenue Distribution Systems

The formation of Pools provides a way in which Ship Operators can achieve ‘critical mass’, and thereby increase utilisation in their markets without necessarily having to make new investments. Owners within a Pool often have similar philosophies in their approaches to markets and ensuring a transparent and equitable revenue distribution system – often described as the allocation of Pool Points - is paramount.

Over the past 35 years+ we have helped set up market-leading shipping pools by working with pool members in putting together mutually acceptable terms and conditions and a practical revenue distribution system which helps generate high value for the pool partners. At present, we manage the revenue distribution systems of over a dozen market-leading pools in all major segments. With our extensive experience and time-tested methodology, we help deliver a transparent and independent system acceptable to all pool members.

Enhanced Due Diligence for Marine and Ship Vetting

Despite increased safety standards today, there are still a considerable number of accidents and fatalities during maritime operations. So, whether you’re a charterer, shipowner or a terminal operator, you need a reliable system to carefully manage all safety, quality and environmental risks and ensure that the vessel complies with your unique vessel selection criteria to reduce the likelihood of casualties, cargo damage, costly delays and detentions.

Our Enhanced Due Diligence service plays a key role in supply chain operations, helping you eliminate options that do not comply with your unique risk profile from your logistics chain, in turn ensuring cargo is moved safely.

Claims Advisory: Early Neutral Evaluation & Dispute Resolution

Early neutral evaluation is a non-binding Dispute Resolution Method that includes a preliminary assessment of facts, evidence, or legal merits. The goal of early neutral evaluation is to improve communication between disputing parties and provide a “reality check” for everyone involved. During this process, a neutral expert assesses the merits of the case and works with involved parties to come to a clear understanding of the central issues in the dispute.

In a highly confidential process, each party presents the factual and legal basis for its claims and defenses and the evidence upon which those claims and defenses are based to a trusted neutral party with expertise in the substantive area of the dispute. We have the expertise to be this trusted neutral third party and have facilitated several such negotiations.

Expert Witness Services

The shipping industry is a huge and complex one. Every day, millions of tonnes of cargo are transported all across the world by specialist vessels employed in both coastal and deep-sea trades. Given the volume and complexity of the industry, it is inevitable that disputes occasionally occur for which parties need to find a suitable resolution. This is where expert witnesses come in. Expert witnesses are experienced, independent professionals, willing and able to provide their specialist expertise towards a resolution. Whenever a maritime transportation-related issue puts your business on the line, our experts, who are members of the Baltic Exchange Expert Witness Association (BEWA), can help you determine the most appropriate course of action and ensure a just outcome.

Every engagement begins with a discussion of your specific needs with our team. A reasoned opinion is given via written reports and/or by personal verbal witness testimony as a part of formal legal proceedings.