The global maritime industry is a competitive, challenging and complex ecosystem with constantly fluctuating market conditions, policies and regulatory frameworks. With a team that has been associated with almost every department and sector related to the maritime industry, we are fairly confident that Whatever be your business problem or objective, we have most likely handled it before. And if we haven’t, we have the experience and expertise to meet that challenge!

Fleet & Cargo Coverage Strategy

It is important for cargo owners to develop coverage strategies that help optimize transportation costs by analyzing and deciding on vessel sizes that are best suited to the volume and distribution of trade, together with potential chartering and ownership options. We, at the Wade Maritime Group, have the expertise to develop these strategies and provide advice on current and future trade patterns. This can assist cargo owners in taking decisions over deployment and plan chartering strategies.

Project and Market Feasibility Studies

Whether you are planning to undertake a new development or to diversify into new territory, it is critical to conduct a proper evaluation of market conditions and demand drivers. An upfront analysis that can include market profiling, market forecasting, demographic studies, economic studies, competitor analysis, market impact analysis and much more will allow your company to proactively mitigate any unforeseen risks and better understand economic viability.
Our feasibility studies are fearlessly independent!
We are fully confident that our thorough feasibility studies can help foresee any potential development pitfalls or opportunities before commencing a new project so there is time to navigate ideas, understand risks and if required change course or abandon an idea.

Business Case Development

When it comes to the maritime industry, developing a business case requires a focus on multiple factors and a holistic understanding of how the various components of the business interact. Ultimately what we achieve from a robust business case is - clarity. When corporate foresight becomes foggy, business cases help to bring the focus back on the route forward. We have assisted a number of companies in due diligence exercises over the years.
A business case helps achieve simplicity on the other side of complexity.
Our tailor-made business cases typically include an assessment of the product, service, market and industry in question, detailed competitor analysis, comprehensive cost-benefit analysis (using company, external and proprietary data) and a thorough strategic and operational assessment of the opportunity and its alternatives.