Our Promise

Eliminating carbon emissions on a net basis by 2050 will require record levels of investment in clean energy infrastructure to transform energy production, delivery, consumption and efficiency. The energy transition will create the largest reallocation of capital in history. Against this backdrop, rising geopolitical tensions have also highlighted how interconnected global energy markets are, magnifying the focus of both countries and companies on energy security, reliability, independence and, crucially, sustainability. This is a critical inflection point in the future of energy.

Wade Maritime Group have taken a step forward to help in this endeavour by planting trees. We plant trees in India where deforestation has created natural devastations in urban & rural areas.

Meet Your Tree Plant

Become Our Partner

You can too become our partner in helping the world become a better place. Everytime you buy a report or get a survey conducted by Wade Maritime Group, we will plant a tree which you can track for the next 5 years.